alfred... the butler of jimbob love (jimboblove) wrote in thisisahospital,
alfred... the butler of jimbob love

I am in big big!! need of one roommate!!! I am waving the deposit and the move in is only 325 which is what the rent is... it is in rogers park in chicago... here is the downlow....

one room open in 3 bedroom apartment in rogers park..

325 move in (includes first month's rent)
325 rent after the first month
gas, cable, and power (phone if you need it) are the utlities
short buss ride to loyola red line or 4 blocks from clark 22 (all night bus)


a block over from dominicks and jj peppers
washer and dryer
large basement and storage
kegerater (coming soon)
cable tv
suround sound t.v.
most bottom lounge and fireside shows free

call 773-761-5863
ask for Bobby or leave a message with your number to call you back
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