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The following is not for the faint of heart:

Life and music are often oversaturated with superficiality, reservation, blandness and an overall lack of heart. As we see it, pop-culture centers itself solely on trends, names, and fashion.

Leave the candy coated bullshit to the masses. We have voluntarily exiled ourselves and thrive outside of the borders. We stand in a class of our own, we are militant, we are desperate, we are screaming, we are listening, and we are kicking down social ladders. We are raising the dead, we are rocking the boat, we are starting fires and yes indeed, we are alive!

You want the standard? Fine, but our version is not watered down and our process is non-pasteurized: A year and a half young canvas splattered with over two hundred shows, one full-length album, a split LP, a move from The Bay Area to Chicago, a united and rapidly growing army, and one huge appetite.

This sound is our lives, our hearts and our shadows. Our energy is raw. Our energy is passionate. We are deep into the struggle and committed to excellence. Either you are with us or you are not.

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